Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Good-boy ism & Pineapple Aversion

The Spear has an inkling that much in this world gets achieved because people simply don’t like being shouted at.  Forget about ambition and desires; to The Spear, most people seem to spend vast amounts of their energy every day simply trying to avoid ‘getting in trouble’ (The Spear included). 

If you think about it, in a ‘civilised’ society, the worst thing that will happen if you stuff things up is that someone will shout at you; somebody will shove a metaphorical pineapple where the sun don’t shine.  That’s it.  Sure, you might get fired as well, but The Spear suspects that for most people the firing is secondary to the pineappling in causes for dread, and that most people would prefer to be fired quietly rather than keep their job on the condition that they have to sit through a lengthy and intense verbal grilling, possibly on multiple occasions (thus the propensity for those who have screwed up to fall on their sword and flee a situation prematurely).

The humble - yet spiky - pineapple

There is of course the possibility of other punishments, such as jail time where criminal matters or negligence are concerned, but for most of us it is not in the criminal sphere, but in the professional sphere where the pineapple aversion is most apparent.  The possibility of jail time isn’t what is driving us to do our job correctly; it’s the possibility of having our professional superiors lambast us with deserved criticism.  Being rightfully made to feel like an idiot is what The Spear is trying to avoid most of the time.

Perhaps this pineapple aversion is more applicable to The Spear’s generation (~Y) than others.  Older generations who were subject to corporal punishment and were continually told that they were useless while growing up would perhaps have thicker skin.  Meanwhile, we Gen-Y pansies are more affected by emotional reward & punishment (and pineappling), given that we have largely never had to worry about the real possibility of a fatal beating and have grown up being told that the sun shines out of our arses.  Those who have been handled with kid gloves find the pineapples that much spikier.

Given how detrimental a good pineappling can be to someone’s psyche, some people would likely rather corporal punishment to an emotional bashing.  It is in some ways easier to take a punch or a caning than to be made to believe that you yourself are good for nothing.  You just take the hit and push through the pain which will heal in time – but at the same time you can still believe you are in the right.  On the other hand, when you get properly pineappled, you are slowly convinced that you are inherently wrong as a person, and your big brain is employed against you in an invisible task of self-flagellation.  In some people this will inspire them to do better next time, but in others it will inspire hatred of self and the desire to get out of the situation in one way or another, possibly with tragic consequences.

The Spear wishes that he could stop trying so hard to be such a ‘good boy’; but the truth is that he cares way too much about what other people - especially those in positions of authority of him - think, and finds it desirous for people not to shout at him in anger.  He can’t help this good-boy mentality; there is something in him that just wants to please.  While this possibly irrational fear of pineapples makes him no-doubt a very productive worker, the downside is that he spends most of his time doing, and more importantly - thinking, what other people want (he does, however, typically get monetarily compensated for this).

Not caring what other people think can be a blessing for an individual as it can lead to increased personal freedom (just ask ‘bad boys’), but a healthy degree of pineapple aversion is nonetheless required to keep the bad-boys in check if society as a whole is to remain functional.  In that respect, ‘good boy-ism’ and pineapple-aversion may be naturally selected traits, advantageous to living in and benefiting from a society.  Perhaps The Spear and others are so disinclined to be shouted at because our selfish ancestors that weren’t were not able to cut it in society and thus died out.

It is up to us all as individuals to decide just how averse we are to getting pineappled, and just how much of our valuable time and thought-space we are willing to sacrifice to avoid a spiky situation.  Too averse, and we shall live our lives according to whims of others.  Not averse enough, and we may eventually find ourselves removed from society in one way or another (poverty, jail, exile).  Our degree of pineapple aversion is the balance between our self interests and those of everyone else.

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